Main courses

 Creamy risotto with mushrooms and parmesan cheese
250 g/CZK 189,-/EUR 8

Spaghetti Carbonara
250 g/CZK 179,-/EUR 7,50

Tagliatelle with chicken, tomato sauce, fresh basil
250 g/CZK 209,-/EUR 9,1

Grilled chicken breast with light salad
150 g/CZK 189,-/EUR 8

Slowly roast turkey leg, warm cabbage salad with oyster mushroom
400 g/CZK 189,-/EUR 8

Veal schnitzel
150 g/CZK 199,-/EUR 9

Beef cheeks on red wine, potato puree
150 g/CZK 249,-/EUR 10,50

Beef ribs roasted in honey and beer
400 g/CZK 229,-/EUR 9,70

Beef meat in cream sauce „Svíčková”
with dumplings
150 g/CZK 189,-/EUR 7,60

Pfeffersteak (beef tenderloin)
200 g/CZK 369,-/EUR 15,50